Purpose comes through discovering and utilizing our gifts in the body of Christ (the church). When we come to Christ and He saves us from our sins, God sends His Holy Spirit to live in our hearts. From that moment on, The Holy Spirit begins to work in our life in such a way that we begin to know God and desire to love and serve Him.

We get to know God better by joining His church and worshipping Him regularly. We gather with other believers to learn, worship, and be equipped to become followers and disciples of Jesus Christ.

We show our love to God by how we devote ourselves to reading, studying, meditating and applying the scriptures (the Bible). Jesus in Matthew 28 gave all His disciples and followers then and now the purpose for our life. He told them and us to "go and make disciples of all nations." The purpose of all Christians is to "go out" and serve others in the name of Jesus Christ. The more we involve ourselves in serving God, the more purposeful our life becomes.
A life of devotion and service to Jesus Christ is a life full of purpose.